The Mayor of Bath


Sunday 14th February 2021



Would you do something for me? It will not take long, might only take five minutes?  My theme for the year, is 'Combatting Loneliness, Bath the friendly City', and a lot of the work the Mayor's Office and its supporters have put in has been trying to live up to that promise.

As physical meetings are impossible, just at the time they would probably be most welcomed, much of this work has had to be online.  And here is the ask:

On February 14th, spread the love wider than normal.  Obviously safely!  But if you know of anyone who is on their own, or not on their own but feeling low, or isolated, in need of hearing from someone, drop them a card, give them a call, send some flowers, contact online... whatever you think they would most like and you are able to do.

I would hate to think of anyone experiencing loneliness, or struggling with their mental health, and know this one day activity is not going to change the world, but it may just change their world for a few precious minutes, and I can promise that you will feel better for it as well.

If you are on Twitter, please tag @MayorBath and use the hashtag Baththefriendlycity if you want to share with others what you have done and hope to encourage a few more people to do it.

My video message can be found at this link  Mayor's Combatting Loneliness Day .

Best wishes

Councillor Manda Rigby


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