Civic Insignia


The Civic Insignia consists of the Mayor’s Collar of Office, the Mayoress’s Collar, Badge and Brooch, and the Badges of the Deputy Mayor, the Deputy Mayor’s Escort and the Master of Ceremonies.


Mayor’s Collar and Badge of Office

In 1849 a Collar and Badge werepurchased with money raised by public subscription so that the Mayor could be easily distinguishable. The Council met on 25th June 1850. The gifts were described my one member as ‘remnants of a barbarous age’ and another as ‘gee gaws’ which were ‘incompatible with the advanced state of society in 1850’. Despite this criticism the Collar and Badge were accepted.


Designed and made by Messrs Payne of Bath, they are fine specimens in the Renaissance style of the goldsmith’s art. Red and white enamelled Tudor roses are linked by finely formed knots of gold. Portcullises adorn the centre, front and back. These are emblematic of municipal authority and the four ancient gates of the city.


Suspended from the central rose is a circul;ar pendant Badge made of 18 carat enamelled gold. The gold strap-work border is of Elizabethan character and surrounds an enamelled band of garter blue. On this, in applied gold letters, is a Latin inscription referring to the 1590 Charter of Elizabeth I: ‘Diplomate Regio Elizabetha Regnante MDXC’. At the centre is a representation of the City Arms and supporters on a circle of white enamel.

When it is not appropriate for the full Collar of Office to be worn, the Badge is worn suspended from a scarlet ribbon.



Mayoress’ Collar and Badge


In 1922 Alderman Cedric Chivers presented an antique silver-gilt chain to replace the existing Mayoress’s Collar. It is believed to be a copy of a 16th Century German chain made in Frankfurt.


Below the pendant hangs a gold Badge bearing the City Arms. It was made in Birmingham and was presented in 1901 by the Town Clerk, Mr B H Watts.


Mayoress’s Brooch

 Alderman Robert Edmund Dickinson was Mayor from 1899-1900. His Mayoress was his sister and he had a brooch made for her. It was presented to the city in 1944 and was to be worn by all future Mayoresses.

Made in Birmingham in 1901/2, it depicts the city wall in enamel and the South Gate of the city with turrets and portcullis, as on the Mayor’s Seal. The letter ‘B’ can be seen in gold above the turrets surrounded by white enamelling. At the base of the brooch, there is a pearl set above a large octagonal emerald, with a pearl pendant below.

The Deputy Mayor’s Badge of Office

 The Badge for the Deputy Mayor of Bath, to be worn on all civic occasions when deputising for the Mayor, was introduced by Bath City Council in 1952. A Badge for the Deputy Mayor’s Escort was introduced in 1991.

Both Badges depict the City Badge in silver gilt and enamel. They are worn around the neck suspended from a blue ribbon (Deputy Mayor) and a dark maroon ribbon (Deputy Mayor’s Escort).

Master of Ceremonies Badge

This beautiful oval badge has a cluster of diamonds and enamelling in a gold rim. It is inscribed ’30th October 1777′ and belonged to Mr Dawson.