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Special Summer Walks Programme 2022

In addition to the regular walks conducted by the Mayor’s Guides, in the Summer of 2022 there will be a series of 17 guided walks covering a wide variety of topics. The walks commence on April 25th and will finish on August 31st, they take place on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting at either 2.00pm or 6.00pm, in total over 80 walks will be offered as part of the programme.

Booking is essential to get a place on the walk, full details and booking information can be found on the Mayor’s Guides website

As with the regular tours, the walks last approximately two hours and are completely free.

The topics covered are:

Discovering Bath’s Trees

Watery Wanderings

Feisty Females

Turbulent Medieval Bath

Bath Rocks – Geology in the City

Walk in the Footsteps of Ralph Allen

Victorian Bath

Bath Blitz

Not Just a Pretty Face

John Pinch the Elder

The Shadowy Side of Bath

Music in Bath: Past, Present and Future

Comforts, Communications and Commerce

Victoria Park: Gates, Avenues & Gardens

The Back Side of Georgian and Victorian Bath

Green Parks & Open Spaces

Destruction and Preservation in 20th Century Bath