Bath’s Twinning Associations

Aix-en-Provence, France

Situated in the south of France and less than 20 miles from Marseille, Aix-en-Provence has a population of 155,000 and is regarded as the cultural and artistic capital of the Provencal region.  Several festivals of music and art are held in this spa town each year and the city plays host to many visitors annually who come to admire its fountains and fine architecture and to visit its museums and galleries. Its situation means it is a gateway to the landscapes, vineyards and gardens of the region of Provence. The university, which has 32,000 students, was founded in the 15th Century and is considered to be one of the most important in France. Its similarities to Bath resulted in an official twinning link established in September 1972.

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Alkmaar, The Netherlands  

 Alkmaar is situated in the north-west of the Netherlands, approximately 30 miles north from Amsterdam. The historic city has a population of around 96,000 and is famous for its ancient cheese market ceremony, which is held weekly between April and September, and its Premiership soccer team.  Bath’s link with Alkmaar began just before the end of the Second World War, when fund-raising events were held to support the citizens of Alkmaar who had suffered deprivation during the German occupation. The first official visit to Bath by dignitaries from Alkmaar followed in 1946, although formal twinning links were only established in 1990.

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Braunschweig, Germany


 Braunschweig is situated in Lower Saxony. It’s population is around 250,000 and the main industries include the manufacture of optical instruments, cameras, vehicles and engines. The city is regarded as an important historic and cultural centre in its region, boasting many fine theatres and playing host to a variety of annual festivals. The Bath/Braunschweig link was established shortly after the Second World War as part of a Foreign Office initiative to bring together young people from Cities in England and Germany. The first visit to Braunschweig by a civic delegation from Bath took place in 1957 and the formal twinning link was established in April 1971. A short film showing a picture of urban life in Braunschweig is available. The Bath Braunschweig Association has a Facebook account, as does the German Society at Facebook.

 They also have their own website

Kaposvár, Hungary

 Kaposvár is the county town of the Somogy region of Hungary and is situated 100 miles south-west of Budapest. Its population is around 75,000. Kaposvár is very proud of its cultural and artistic heritage – its theatre has acquired international fame and important festivals are held in the city throughout the year. In 1967 thermal waters were discovered and Kaposvár aims to use this resource to develop tourism. Other industries include the production of food, textiles and electrical goods. Bath and Kaposvár were twinned formally in April 1989.   They also have their own web site

Bath also has a friendship agreement with Beppu, Japan .

Beppu is a city in Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, Japan. It has a population of about 125,000. Beppu is famous for its ONSEN hot springs.

The city is situated between the sea and the mountains and was founded in 1924. It has eight major geothermal hot spots (locally known as Hells).

The Bath Beppu sister link was formed in 1994 and after a brief flurry of exchanges lay dormant until 2013 when Beppu invited the Mayors of all its Sister Cities to attend the Onsen Festival. Since then the links between the two cities have grown and grown with Japanese and Saki Festivals in Bath and speakers to Onsen Conferences in Beppu. The main link though has been in the partnership between the two cities in preparation for the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan. Beppu came to Bath on a fact finding tour and Bath Rugby RFC Colts team completed a 10 day three nation Sister City series of rugby games.

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Bath is also a sister City to Manly, Australia.

The Mayor of Bath is President of the City’s five Twinning & Friendship Associations.  The Charter Trustees of the City of Bath assist the Associations to maintain the links. The Twinning Forum provides an overview of all activities.  This comprises of the Chairman of the Charter Trustees’ Standing Committee and the Officers of the Associations.

All the Associations are keen to widen their base of supporters in the area and if you are interested in joining, please visit the associations website or contact the Mayor’s Office.

Connections is a Twinning Newsletter published annually giving details of activities.  Click on a link below.  Please note that dates of events are correct at the time of printing but please contact the Twinning Associations direct for up to date information.

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